Ocean Art Gallery sponsored a show wherein they picked six of their artists, a selected piece of art from each, and featured each piece of artwork while a musician played music that complimented the artist's work. The artwork was for sale and the proceeds went toward supporting preservation of the severely endangered Kemp's Ridley sea turtle.

     The show was held at the Grand Living Realty office complex in Palm Coast, FL, which has a nice space for shows, meetings, etc.  It also serves as a second gallery location for Ocean Art Gallery.  Each of us have artwork on display here on a regular basis.  Seating was by reservation only and it was a full house.  The evening was a pleasure and the audience enjoyed the artist interviews by Frank Gromling, the owner of Ocean Art Gallery.

     Frank also revealed that Ocean Art Gallery is moving to Ormond Beach, FL in the next few weeks.  The new location almost doubles the size of the current gallery and will offer space for classes and demonstrations.  It is a beautiful space in a very desirable area on Hwy 40 at FL A1A.

     The flyer and photos of the event are below.  Enjoy!

People are starting to arrive and settle in.  The gentleman on the right with his back to you is Frank Gromling, the owner of Ocean Art Gallery
You can see my paintings "Tropical Nectar" and "Happiness" in the back left corner.  Both were featured in this show

Each artist was interviewed on video before the show began. Here, I am explaining the methods I use to produce the 'Ocean Meditations' paintings

Dennis Fermin, a well-known Spanish guitar player, played a beautiful piece of music entitled 'Vilano Sunset' to accompany the showing of my painting "Tropical Nectar"
Each artist had their art shown on the screen (above our heads) while a musician played a specially selected piece of music
to honor the artwork

  Dennis Fermin is playing another of his compositions for a second piece of art.  This time it is for the watercolor seen to his right (by the lady in the black dress)  It is called "Beach Morning" by Stewart Jones of Orlando, FL.  We had accomplished flute, piano, guitar and ukulele /vocal pieces for entertainment.  A good time was had by all, and each artist was given a commemorative wineglass embellished with Kemp's Ridley turtles.  There were door prizes and raffle prizes for the guests.

The five people on the right are the artists. (The sixth artist was with us via Facetime from California)  The four on the left are some of the musicians

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