My gallery approached me last week and asked if I would be interested in doing a demonstration on how to pour acrylics.  I immediately agreed, but I did explain that it was a messy process and if the demo was to be held at the gallery, protection was a must.  No problems there!  He has plenty tarps for the floor, and chairs for seating.  OK!

     One problem we did have to work out was video ability.  You see, pouring has to be done flat for obvious reasons.  My husband came to our rescue!  He's a technical genius and quickly worked out a means for everyone to see what I will be doing while they remain seated.  Thanks sweetie!

     Frank (gallery owner) sent me a copy of the news release that will be published in 80+ media sources, and added that I am to be the featured artist for the entire month of March!  That means that his largest room (approx 15' x 30') will be filled entirely with my art for the month.  That's wonderful, and thankfully, I have enough to fill it!  You can see why it is so important to have 25 - 30 pieces of art available, right?

     I have included a copy of the news release below, and the demonstration is set for March 10th at 4pm for any of you living close enough to attend!  It is free, but does require reservations as seating is limited.  Enjoy!  It will be lots of fun for all!

Below is a link to the news article.  Thanks for looking!
  Brevard Art News

10 X 32  Stack
fluid acrylics on gallery wrap canvas
float frames mounted on wood


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