I was talking to a friend the other day who is a professional photographer.  She told me about a website that she uses to sell her art and asked me if I had ever heard of it.  I had, but had never really looked over their site. She urged me to go there and sign up as a member.

     When I got home, I sat down and studied the website.  It is great!  It's called FINE ART  It is free to join, and even though they have thousands of artists on the site, for a fee of $30 per year, you can get a premium membership which allows much more ability to sell and advertise your art.  Plus, they sell prints, pillows, phone cases, etc, etc, using your art.  All of which earn commissions for the artist. Not bad in my book!  For that $30, you are given a storefront page with a photo of yourself and your bio, and you can upload a lot of artwork into collections according to type. And, best of all,  you are given a link to your own website for visitors to look you up directly.  Oh, and if someone wants to contact you, they provide a secure way to do it.

    My friend has been a member for quite a while and has done well, so I am excited about this opportunity!  And so, I thought I would pass the information along to you as well.  So go to this site FINE ART and see if it is something you would be interested in as well, ok?

     On another note, the gallery that represents me, OCEAN ART GALLERY, called me up recently.  He said, "can you get 4 or 5 large paintings and some more 'stack' paintings to me by tomorrow? I just landed a new account with an upscale restaurant here and they need artwork fast!"  Well, it just so happened that I had just finished a large 36 x 48 which made 4 available and had 2 'stacks'.  Now they weren't at my house.  They were at two of my locations where I hang my art.  So the next morning my husband and I picked up the large pieces and replaced them with smaller ones I had at home, then made the 45 minute trek down to the gallery with all the artwork.  I'm glad that I had the time available to do it!  He showed us where the restaurant is and suggested I stop by on our way home, which we did.  It's a really cute Wine and Cheese shop with a little patio seating area that happens to be right by a very upscale neighborhood. The residents of that neighborhood are good customers, so the gallery is also arranging a "meet and greet" night for me at the shop.

     This is just another reason why we need to have an inventory of artwork available at all times!  If I hadn't I would have lost out on this opportunity.  He told me he expects to do well at this location as they get a lot of traffic and consistent sales.

     Below, I have a photo of the latest painting.  I had done it to advertise my art class but it fits well with the seaside theme and colors of my other paintings.  Another reason we want to use similar colors/themes in our paintings!  Consistency is the key!  If they don't work well together, they can't be hung together!   Well, enjoy and I hope you take the plunge and advertise, advertise, advertise!

36 x 48
Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas

I love the contrast of the stormy sky in the east and the evening sun in the west! For those of you not familiar with Florida, this is the intracoastal where sawgrass grows in backwater forming a 'prairie' of grass.  If you step into it you will sink up to your waist in water and mud!

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