I realized with this new class that my students are different from the last group.  Not only because I have more than before, but they are more intermediate level in their skill. So I am challenged to keep them moving forward and upward.

     I thought about this for awhile and decided that each week we would do a fairly simple painting, each of which teaches a new skill/technique and the last 30 minutes will be spent on a more complicated painting that will be finished during the final class.  That way, they learn more skills in a shorter period of time and will advance faster.

     Although we didn't have time to actually start on the harder painting this week, I asked everyone to undercoat two canvases so they will be ready to start right in as soon as we get there next week.

     Below I have a photo of the painting we did in class on Tuesday.  Of course, this one is not done.  It is 24 x 30 so everyone can see it, and I go around to each student and work one-on-one to help them which means mine will have to be finished up later here in my studio.  Also below I have photos of the underpainting and the photo we are working from for the more complicated painting they will do in class.  It will be beautiful and all will have something to be proud of at the end of the six weeks!
Enjoy and Thanks for looking!  I will give you updates as we go along, ok?

Unnamed/ Unfinished


     BTW, I sold two more paintings!  These were smaller, but nice ones.  One was 14 x 18 and the other 9 x 12.  The 14 x 18 was sold to one of the teachers at the school where I teach the art classes.  He walked in to the room I am using.  He was looking for the science teacher( it's his classroom) To make a long story short, he looked up surprised to see me there and asked who I was. When I introduced myself, he frowned and said, why does that name sound familiar?  Then he asked, do you have a painting called "TROPICAL DREAMS"?  When I said yes, he smiled and said, "I want to buy it for my wife!"  So we made arrangements for me to take it to the next class which was this Tuesday and he took it home as an anniversary present!  Good man!

14 x 18


St. Mark's River, FL
9 x 12


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