Well, our Art Class is finished for the summer.  We had a lot of fun and the students enjoyed creating their own paintings.  Since we didn't have class on July 4th, I gave them a choice of two paintings to do on our next class.  A house or a flower garden.  Most chose the flower garden, but not all.  So I was tasked with doing two paintings in one class. The house was to practice the perspective, just like I posted.  Today was the last class and we painted a Florida lighthouse.  Again, it taught perspective and we added the techniques for grass and dirt, and more practice on painting clouds.

     The flower garden from a couple weeks ago turned out quite nicely!  It was an impressionistic painting and so much fun and I do believe that each painting was quite good!  Yes I have a photo below of the painting.  You really should try it yourself.  It is a good lesson in loosening up in your strokes and striving for a fresh look in you paintings.  Something that is good for all artists from time to time.

     I decided to use last week's class to teach the students how to transfer a drawing to the canvas before painting.  I showed them how to fold the drawing into 16 boxes then taking a T-square or yardstick making a large X on the paper to establish the middle,  then how to mark those boxes on a larger canvas and thus transfer the contents of each "box" onto the canvas. It sounds complicated, but it really isn't.  But, it is a skill that is necessary for any artist to have.  I'll try to post on it soon, OK?

     Also, I gave each one a small 2" magnet painting as a gift and a review questionnaire to fill out.  I wanted feedback on how they liked the class and if they had any suggestions on what they would like to learn in the future.  I quite enjoyed their comments. It was interesting. only a couple of students had suggestions for extra work. One wanted practice in contrast and the other in color mixing.  Both of these skills are more intermediate in level.  I will definitely take them into consideration for the next class which will start this fall.  I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and will definitely teach classes again!

     I ended up with eight students, and even though some missed a class or so, those who made every class went home with four paintings.  A great accomplishment for only 12 hours of instruction!

    The Community Education forum is a great way to learn to paint at a minimal cost, students can observe, practice, and learn from others, and make new friends as well!

18 x 24
Acrylic on canvas


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