Greetings!  I went to an art show Last week and sold 3 paintings!  Lots of fun and very productive!  Now, I am busy painting again. There is an art show for members only at the St. Augustine Art association and I want to enter 2 paintings.  One is ready the other still being finished.  the first is "The Sentinel" of Long Key State Park, FL, a 9x12  acrylic showing a dramatic cloud formation at sunset with, of course the lone Mangrove tree that is the sentinel. (pictured below)
"The Sentinel"    available 9x12 Acrylic
My daughter took a photo of this sunset while we were camping there last year and it was begging to be painted.  This is my second painting of this subject but with a slightly different perspective.  The other one sold and the photo is on my gallery page.  I painted the atmosphere differently.  You can see when you compare them how a painting can change completely just by varying the colors and details slightly. I will post the other painting when it is done.  I have to submit them by March30, so I must get to work.  I will post the other painting hopefully in a few days.  It is of a street scene in St. Augustine, FL.  I took the picture on a "scouting" day of St. Augustine landmarks.  Just after I snapped the pic of a beautiful of house on Bridge St, one of our horse carriages came by.  I snapped that pic too, and now I am combining them into a painting.  A photographer I know of posted a beautiful photo that was a composite of 12 different photos he had taken.  It was GORGEOUS!  It made my head spin and think at the same time!  That is essentially how we artists think too!  Creating a painting is essentially just that.  Combining different scenes or photos to come up with an original, right?  Or putting a new twist on an old subject.  It works my friends!
     The lady who purchased the similar painting "Long Key State Park" posted about my work on her blog.  I added a link to her blog on my site.  She makes beautiful jewelry!  Her studio is called  KANNA GLASS STUDIOS Thanks for looking!

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